Grooming Kit

 The Forte Series Grooming Kit is a “must-have” for any guy who wants to elevate his hygiene routine.
Add this Grooming Kit to your travel bag and have everything you need to level up your look wherever you go.       

No-Mess Nail Clipper - Features a special “nail-clipping collector” attachment for a mess-free grooming session⁠.       

Precision Tweezers - These flat-tipped tweezers help you get closer to the skin and pull the hair from the roots.       

Grooming Scissors - Rounded, “poke-proof” scissors to help you trim sensitive areas without worry.⁠

Hydra Crewneck

This crewneck sweater features an intricate five-headed dragon design, inspired by traditional Japanese artwork.

The hand-drawn design was brought to life using an innovative printing technique call DFT to capture the bold and vibrant colors without  fading over time. 

Design Journey

Story Behind The Art

This design was inspired by the Japanese legend of the five-headed dragon Gozuryu that wreaked chaos on Enoshima Island around 552 AD.

According to folklore, Gozuryu was a powerful and fearsome beast who terrorized the people of the island, causing great destruction and suffering until he fell in love with a Goddess and promised to cease its chaos.

Made by Local Designers

For this collection, we partnered with a local award-winning artist Jessica Liu.

She describes her style to be “portraits of ethereal beings to neo-traditional masterpieces of mystical elements and a hint of fantasy.”

How We Brought It To Life

We worked closely with our Vancouver manufacturers to find the best way to bring this art piece to life.

Because of the intricate details and the use of various color gradients in this design, we had to use the latest in printing technology. A new printing method called Direct-to Film printing.

Direct-to-film printing on sweaters is a process that uses a special film to create a design that is then transferred onto the fabric using heat.

This method of printing is great for creating intricate designs with bold, vibrant colors. It also allows for a long-lasting print that will last wash after wash.

2021 Diamond Membership

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Drop 1: (March 2021) 1x  Freeze spray,  1x Texture Spray,  1x Sea Salt Spray

Drop 2: ( Est. June 2021) 1x Pomade, 1x Styling Cream

Drop 3: (TBD) 1x Hair Health Gummies, 1x Thickening Spray, 1x Hair Maintenance Serum, 1x Texture Powder

Drop 4: (TBD) Alex Costa’s new skincare brand 1x Moisturizer, 1 x Face Wash, 1x Exfoliant

Made In Vancouver

From the design process to printing it on garments, to getting it shipped to your door, it all happens here!

Supports Local Talent

Shopping our products helps support local artists, photographers, models, and print shops.

Compliment Magnet

2x increase of double-takes and head turns as you walk down the street.

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